The Big Six – Above Ground Pool


We source our above ground pools from Paramount Pools who manufacture their pools in New Zealand to the highest standards. The Big Six is designed for local conditions and is known in NZ as a Para Pool or Clark Pool.

It comes in a range of sizes to suit any budget or situation, making it an affordable alternative option.

As standard, all Paramount Pool packages include:

  • Heavy duty steel components
  • High quality ABGAL vinyl liner in a choice of colours
  • Filtration System (High rate Sand Filter, High-performance Self-Priming Pump with basket) Note: Variable speed upgrade option also available for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Floating Hose and Pool Vacuum
  • Leaf Scoop and Handle
  • SP1500 in-wall surface Skimmer
  • Startup Chemical Pack
  • Floating Chlorine Dispenser
  • Water Testing Kit
  • Water Treatment Guide
  • Full Installation Instructions
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