3 person

750 litres

1600 x 2000 x 890 mm

200kg dry
1050kg wet

Plenty of room for 3 adults, the myPartner is perfect for anywhere, especially where space is a premium. While this model is compact, it features an undercut footwell design, which provides the king of legroom you find in bigger models.

myPartner CLASSIC
myPartner CLASSIC

Product Specifications

SQR jets4052
Neck and shoulder massageOptional
Foot massage
Filtration Pump10
Hydrojet boost pump10
POWERsmart controlSV2SV3
POWERsmart variable heater3kw6kw
Minimum power required15amp32amp
Heat pump ready plumbingOptional
Purewater ozone sanitation
Clearzone water sanitisationOptionalOptional
LED waterline lighting
Cedar cabinet
Duratek cabinetOptionalOptional
Lockable hardcover

Pool Colours

Cabinet Colours

Pool Cover Colours

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