6 person

1100 litres

1990 x 1990 x 780 mm

225kg dry
1450kg wet

myFavourite is available in three specifications, its internal room & build flexibility will be a great addition to any home or lifestyle choice.

myFavourite Compact Spa Pool
myFavourite Standard

Product Specifications

SQR jets303443
Neck and shoulder massageYesYes
Filtration Pump2 speed/low11
Hydrojet boost pump2 speed/high11
Blast of bubblesYesYesYes
POWERsmart controlSV2SV2SV2
POWERsmart variable heater3kw3kw3kw
Minimum power required15amp15amp15amp
Purewater ozone sanitationOptionalOptionalYes
Clearzone water sanitisationOptionalOptionalOptional
LED waterline lightingOptionalYesYes
Cedar cabinetYesYesYes
Duratek cabinetOptionalOptionalOptional
Lockable hardcoverYesYesYes

Pool Colours

Cabinet Colours

Pool Cover Colours

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